How Do I Order Custom Logo Mats?

Step One:

We will need some basics first!

Make sure you have your Name, Company, Email, and Phone Number

Step Two:

Tell us about what you would like!

Do you want an HD Inlay, HD Print, or Marathon inlay?

HD Inlay    HD Print     Marathon Inlay

                              HD Inlay                                                                    HD Print                                                      Marathon Inlay

Step 3:

What edging, size, and orientation do you want it?

  • Edging is the beveled, rubber edge around the mat
  • There is vertical or horizontal orientation - see examples below

Horizontal           Vertical

                 Horizontal                                                                                 Vertical

Step 4:

How many do you need?

Step 5:

Give us a call to place an order or go through our Custom Logo page!