Rent vs. Buy

What Are the Benefits of Purchasing Versus Renting?

When you purchase mats with Canada Mat, we work with you to see what your concerns are, the best solution to them and we do a cost benefit analysis to ensure you’re getting the best value that we can offer.

The overall cost of renting can often add up to be far more expensive than purchasing, rental mats are typically a lightweight material that doesn’t always best suit the environment it’s in. At Canada Mat, we have access to a wide variety of matting options; this allows us to completely customize our matting systems. Having a matting system that suits the environment it’s in can help reduce cleaning costs and help prevent early floor repairs/replacement.

Another added benefit is rather than having to swap out and replace your mats every week or every other week, is that we can offer cleaning on-site as needed. Whether that means some mats once a week, some bi-weekly, monthly, or even quarterly! The power is in your hands. This also encourages a reduction in wasted material and minimizes the use of chemicals and water waste in the cleaning process.


Where and How is Permanent Matting Used? How Do I Know That This is The Right Option for Me?

Permanent matting is seen in a wide variety of locations, from local businesses around the city (Alberta Lighting and Décor, Remedy RX, Tiny Hoppers), to schools (Harry Collinge High School, Hardisty School, Clara Tyner School, Londonderry School, Elmwood School, Victoria School, Ecole Avalon) as well as large businesses like West Edmonton Mall, Oxford Properties, and Superstore.

With the right system, permanent matting can fit all settings! We work with you to find out what is best suited for your needs.

Our most common, and often recommended system is to have a 3-step system:

  • Place a scraper mat outside or in the vestibule to remove large and excess debris
  • A wiper/scraper in the front entrance to get any leftover debris and remove moisture
  • If needed, a wiper mat to remove any remaining moisture on the bottoms of shoes.
    • Logo mats are also excellent to have as a last line of defense, this way they get the least amount of dirt and debris on them, so they stay looking new, longer!